Vysoká škola báňská technická univerzita Ostrava, or Báňa for short will be your alma mater. The whole school, including your faculty, is practically situated in Ostrava-Poruba. Apart from the HGF there are 6 other faculties at Báňská. You will find the hottest girls by the Economics faculty, the smartest guys are your classmates in Poruba. But don’t worry, you will be able to admire them, we also have Economics.


After you become fed up of staring into books and computers, go to Vrtule. You will meet all your friends there, guaranteed. The best part is you won’t even have to set foot out of the campus since Vrtule is part of it. And even if Vrtule loses its attraction to you, the legendary Stodolní street will never disappoint. But you don’t only have to go to clubs to have fun after all. You will find an infinite number of cafés, cinemas and theatres in Ostrava. And if your stiff body fancies a stretch after all the studying, you can reach towards sports. You will be able to do whatever takes your fancy. From volleyball, football and floorball, to karate or yoga.


Ostrava, the steel heart of the Republic, beats with a strong rhythm. Ostrava is alive. With sports, culture and dance. Despite its smog, it is colourful. Like Colours of Ostrava. It is creative and unique. The formal steel plant conjured a landmark of the city in the Lower Area of Vítkovice. Plenty of technical monuments, Landek park or Michal Mine are only an example of those worth seeing.


Accommodation is a part of the university campus. You will have 2 or 3 bed bedrooms available. You will find everything you need at the campus. From a place to lay your head to food and sport activities. And if you oversleep and your lesson starts in 5 minutes, no worries. You’ll make it. If you are local or you don’t live far and you might not experience campus life, you will get to school easily. By train, bus or on your own feet.


You will spend at least 3 years of your life at the university. Then you will leave with a bachelor degree. If you have great ambitions and you like studying, you can continue in your studies and obtain a master degree or doctorate. During your studies you can also travel or polish up on your languages. You can also make use of a set of scholarship programs that are available - result, accommodation or even social.


During your studies you don’t necessarily need to focus only on the collecting of credits. You can also engage in science and research and use your ideas to enrich the technology world, even as a rookie without a degree. Thanks to Student Grant Competitions (SGS) you will find that any additional activity will make you rise even higher in the eyes of the employers.


The Faculty of Mining and Geology cooperates actively with companies across many industries. Thanks to this you can find a job in your field even during your studies. And for your future, that’s priceless.


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